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Last Modified: October 01, 2014

Feeling Spirit

Davis, CA- October 6, 2014 - UC Davis Craft Center Gallery presents “Feeling Spirit” the solo exhibition of ceramics instructor Meg Brown, October 6 – November 5. Opening reception will be held on Friday, October 10 from 5-7 p.m. at the gallery 530-752-1475. Meg Brown will be at the reception to answer questions.

The exhibition features works of fiber and clay. The underlying theme seen in the works are centered on the question: can objects have energy? Can the energy of the artist be connected to an object, thus allowing the object to have a voice or a feeling that speaks independently to the viewer? Can it have its own “life” relationship to the world… this show is that experiment.

Some of the fiber in the show is from the sheep my brother, John Minkwitz, and Diane Gates (1952-2012) tended for me on their farm in Lake County. The sheep are CVM (California Variegated Mutant bred by Jane Deamer at Yolo Wool Mill). Knowing the sheep, knowing the land they walk on, what they eat, how they are treated, will that effect the pieces?

I also play with the color of the fibers, collecting and growing plants to use as natural dyes. One piece showcases masks masking part of a weaving, handspun CVM, dyed partly with indigo grown by my son Ian and my husband Stephen in the backyard, with feathers from my son Michael and friend Vaiva.

Some other featured pieces include shawltars (Shawl and Altar together) which are created while meditating with a word…listening and giving while creating. They are materialized as clothing created to support the wearer in their life’s work. The shawltar is an attempt to wrap a person in the knowing of being supported in your divine purpose. Also featured is a table that dances in the night when you aren’t watching, holding porcelain sea urchins lit from within; matter holding and reflecting light. Lastly, is Novelty Spinning and porcelain shells, leaves, and LEDs that are woven between branches of apple and twisted willow from the garden.

If you can’t make the opening reception on October 10, please visit the Craft Center (M-Thurs 12:30-10 p.m., Friday 12:30-7 p.m. and weekends 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.) to view the gallery. Come see the show and investigate wonderful classes and studios that are available for you to learn, explore and create art.

If you have any questions, please contact Meg at