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Update: ARC Membership Is Now CRU Membership

As of July 1, 2014, ARC (Activities and Recreation Center) Membership will undergo some changes in order to better align the contributions of our non-student members with those of our students. The changes include an expansion of membership benefits and a name change to CRU (Campus Recreation and Unions) Membership in order to reflect that expansion. CRU Membership provides the comprehensive benefits our patrons have always enjoyed, plus even more.

A Better Time to Join Than Ever

CRU Membership benefits include access to the ARC, the region’s premier full-service fitness facility, in addition to many other benefits (expanded as of July 1, 2014). Affordable CRU Memberships are available to anyone; community members as well as university staff, faculty, alumni and others. For a full list, see our How to Join page. Current UC Davis students enjoy access to the ARC at no additional charge.

Once you become a CRU Member, you will enjoy full access to the ARC facility, a friendly, welcoming, fully equipped and conveniently located recreation center on the edge of campus, near the Russell Boulevard and La Rue Road intersection in Davis. If you are thinking about joining the ARC (i.e., becoming a CRU Member) for the first time, you can review the list of CRU Membership benefits below and peruse the other membership pages for more information.

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