How We See: Gestalt

Davis, CA – September 28, 2015 – UC Davis Craft Center Gallery presents “How We See: Gestalt” the exhibition of Craft Center photography instructor, Dave Casella, September 28 – October 23. Opening reception will be held on October 9, 5–7 p.m. at the gallery 530-752-1475. Dave will be at the reception to answer questions.

Dave Casella has worn many hats as a photographer and visual artist, advisor and instructor throughout the years. He graduated with a BFA in Art from Seattle University and in the following years, worked at portrait studios, in the gaming and entertainment industry, Macy’s Visual Merchandising department, The Sacramento County Office of Education, the Department of National University, the Sutter-Yuba Regional Arts Council, the UC Davis Design and Crocker Art museums and the list goes on.

Most recently though is his work’s connection to Gestalt’s Law of Closure, which states “humans tend to enclose a space by completing a contour and ignoring gaps in the figure”. Casella recalls, without knowing it at the time, experiencing Gestalt’s Law of Closure as a child working summers on a Northern California ranch where he’d navigate peach and plum orchards on a tractor. He was to follow the “brightly painted” tree trunks leading the cultivation path and at realizing any absence of marked trees, he would search for the next set of trees to stay on track. Dave poses that in these instances, he would “instinctively connect the dots”; first by looking at the whole picture, then by filling in the details or vice versa.

This focus on Gestalt’s Law is indeed captured in his photography; it almost challenges the viewer to take a closer look or a step back, depending on one’s perspective and personal connection to the photo. His diverse exhibit features both digital and black and white prints, and his large bannered infographic on Gestalt’s Law is one to pay close attention to. This exhibit not only stands as a pleasant viewing experience, but also a great learning opportunity about the “Laws of Visual Perception”.

Dave can be contacted by email at