Get All You Can from Fitness and Wellness with CR Membership

CR (Campus Recreation) Membership, formerly known as ARC Membership, incorporates the amenities and services of the ARC and other CR programming. Benefits include significant discounts at the Craft Center, Equestrian Center, Outdoor Adventures and Youth Programs. They also include low-cost access to Fitness and Wellness programs such as Group Exercise, Instructional Series and Personal Training. In addition, CR Members enjoy free access to Intramural (IM) Sports, the Rec Pool and Hickey Pool. To explore your own CR lifestyle, visit

The Fit For Life program is designed to enhance the health, fitness and activity levels of the retired and not yet retired UC Davis community by incorporating physical activity into individuals' daily routines. The variety of classes offered are specifically designed for mature adults (55+) that seek to maintain, improve or begin physical activity with a focus on aerobic activities, muscular strength, flexibility, mind/body awareness and balance. Fit For Life instructors provide specialized classes to challenge the mind, body and core in a safe, fun and efficient manner.

Quarter Dates Schedule Passes
Spring 2018 April 2–June7, 2018 Download Here $60 per Quarter

Fit For Life Pass

The Fit For Life program has experienced much growth and development, resulting in an expansion of classes offered. With the all inclusive Fit For Life Pass, individuals will now have the opportunity to select from a variety of Fit For Life classes which they would like to attend. This pass is exclusively for Fit For Life classes and designed to give flexibility and diversity in physical activity.

Requirements to Participate

**Please Note: Due to a high volume of applicants and participants, consultations are currently not being scheduled for new applicants and will pick up later on in the quarter.  Thank you for your patience.**

  1. Attain membership with the Campus Recreation (CR).
  2. Fit For Life members who are not eligible for CR membership by affiliation with UC Davis can now join as a Community Member.
  3. Minimum of 55 years of age. (Age requirements are flexible.)
  4. Completion of the Fit For Life Enrollment Packet and Physician Clearance Form.
  5. Consultation and introduction to the Fit For Life Program with Brian Luu, Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness.
  6. Purchase of the quarterly or monthly, all inclusive Fit For Life Pass.

Steps to Enroll

  1. Download, print and fill out the Fit For Life Packet (please scroll down to the bottom of the page for a link to download it), or pick one up in the Fitness and Wellness Center.
  2. Submit application to the Fitness and Wellness Center and mark it "Attention: Brian Luu."
  3. Obtain physician's clearance as indicated by the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q).
  4. Schedule a consultation with Brian Luu via email at
  5. Visit the Fitness and Wellness Center to get started with the all inclusive Fit For Life Pass.

Benefits of Joining Fit For Life

  1. Build a strong sense of community and team environment.
  2. Enjoy social events, gatherings and trips with the Fit For Life participants.
  3. Attain a great workout specifically designed for mature individuals.

For refund and transfer information, please consult our refund policy.