"When I signed up for a personal trainer last year, I was asked about my preferences of a trainer.  I replied that as a 76 year old I wanted someone who was interested in providing for the needs of an elderly person and was understanding of their limitations. I am fortunate that (my trainer) was assigned to me. Very simply, it has been a most rewarding experience to have her as my trainer. She is (1) knowledgeable in the theory of and (2) accomplished in the practice of physical fitness. Most importantly, she works WITH you and your limitations and goals rather than simply adhering to a formula. She makes you want to accomplish your goals; is most supportive of your efforts; and has a very user-friendly way of helping you understand the mechanics and expected outcome of the exercise(s)."

Roy W. Bellhorn, DVM, DACVO
Professor Emeritus
School of Veterinary Medicine
UC Davis