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Advisory Council

The purpose of the Intramural Sports Advisory Council is to serve as an advisory group for the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation–Competitive Sports and the Department of Campus Recreation and Unions. The Council assists in the development, management and review of Intramural Sports programs and policies.
The Council will meet at least once each quarter and will also conduct emergency meetings as needed. If you are interested in serving on the Intramural Sports Advisory Council, please visit the Advisory Council page.

Bloodborne Pathogens

To reduce the risk of exposure to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the Hepatitis B virus (HBV), any intramural participant involved in a contact sport with a bleeding wound or blood stained clothing will be removed from competition. Injured participants may return to competition with approval of the sport supervisor or official once the wound has been treated and/or the blood stained clothing removed. Employees of the Intramural Sports Office are not equipped/trained to treat such wounds; therefore, it is the responsibility of the participant to secure proper treatment.

Entry Fees

All leagues and tournaments conducted by the Intramural Sports Program will have an attached entry fee. In general, all officiated team entry fees are $50, non-officiated team entry fees are $30 and all individual/dual sports entry fees are $10. See each sport's webpage for more info.

Gym Lockers and Equipment

Lockers and locks may be checked out from the Equipment Room in the ARC. In addition, a limited amount of equipment such as basketballs and volleyballs may be checked out for daily use at the ARC Equipment Room.

Inclement Weather

On days when weather is questionable, please check our IM Sports Facebook page after 4 p.m. to get updated information. If there is no announcement, assume they are occurring as scheduled. Please visit our Recreation Facility page for up-to-date status on our fields/courts.

Insurance and Medical Clearance

The Intramural Sports Office does NOT provide insurance for individuals participating in the program. All participants are encouraged to have health insurance coverage in place before participating in the program.

It is the responsibility of all intramural participants to ascertain whether their own health conditions make it advisable to participate in a particular sport. The university cannot assume this responsibility.

Photo Disclaimer

The Department of Campus Recreation and Unions may from time to time photograph or videotape program participants and recreational users of department facilities and use these photographs or videotapes in its promotional materials. Unless informed otherwise at the time a participant registers for a Campus Recreation and Unions program, the department will presume that consent to be photographed or videotaped has been given by facility and program users.


For more information, please view our Refund Policies.

Sign-Up Procedures

Register at the Online IM Sports Registration Page to access the IM online registration area for sign-up.