Participation in the Intramural Sports Res Hall Cup competition is open to current UC Davis students who are living in approved University Housing (Cuarto, Segundo, Tercero and Student Housing Apartment residents only).


Fees will be waived for all teams that compete in the Res Hall Cup. Only teams that compete in Res Hall leagues will be eligible. All other teams (men's, women's or single/dual sports) will not be eligible to compete for Res Hall Cup points and must be paid for by the residents. Teams must also be comprised of eligible team members from the same or different communities and must have the community name as part of their team name.

League Format

All teams will have 4 games in the regular season. All teams will then advance to a single elimination playoff bracket pending they meet the following requirements:

  • Attend at least 2 out of 4 regular season games (can only forfeit 2 games due to a no show or not having enough players)
  • Maintain at least a 3.5 FairPlay score
  • Must not have more than 1 player receive an ejection from a game

Online Registration

All CoRec Res Hall teams must be registered by an RA from that community. Each community may register as many teams as they would like during the first day that online registration opens. For more information on the registration process please proceed here. If a sport you want to register for is full please use the waitlist function. You are only allowed to register for a Res Hall league. By using the waitlist function our staff will be able to open up additional Res Hall leagues.

Registration will open on Monday, April 2 for the following sports:

  • Flag Football, Soccer, Softball: 1:30 p.m.
  • Grass Volleyball, Tube Polo: 1:45 p.m.
  • Ultimate Frisbee: 2:00 p.m.

Registration will close on Monday, April 9 at 1:30 p.m.

Spring 2018 League Info

Sport Location Number Teams Days & Times
Flag Football 5v5 Hutchison Field South 12

Thursday 8-10 p.m.

Grass Volleyball 4v4 A Street Field 24

Wednesday 7-9 p.m.

Thursday 7-9 p.m.

Soccer 7v7 Dairy Outdoor Recreation Complex 30 Friday 4-9 p.m.
Softball 10v10 Hutchison Field 12

Monday 8-9 p.m.

Tuesday 8-9 p.m.

Tube Polo 5v5 Schaal Aquatics Center 12

Tuesday 9-10:20 p.m.

Thursday 9-10:20 p.m.

Ultimate Frisbee 7v7 Howard Field 18 Friday 5-8 p.m.

Spring 2018 Tournament Info:

Registration info
Sport Location Registration Date Tournament Date
3v3 Outdoor Basketball  Dairy Basketball Courts April 16-23 Saturday, April 28
Kickball 8v8 Hutchison Field North April 23-30 Saturday, May 5
Soccer Tennis Hutchsion Field North May 7-14 Saturday, May 19

Note: Players are only allowed to participate on one CoRec team per sport (for example, you can't play on a Res Hall team and play on a CoRec competitive team or on multiple Res Hall teams in the same sport).


These will be updated towards the end of each quarter. Standings include points for Basic Participation, Place Points and any Bonus Points.

Standings 20172018:

Community Point Totals

Points Tracker PDF TBD


Fall 2017

  • Flag Football: Campbell 3
  • Floorball: None
  • Quidditch: Scrub Oak 3 Snakes
  • Soccer: Live Oak 3 GOOOAAALLL Patrol
  • Ultimate Frisbee: Miller 3
  • Volleyball: Mahogany13
  • Indoor Basketball 3v3 Tournament: Hawthorn 2

Winter 2018

  • Basketball:
  • Indoor Soccer:
  • Dodgeball Palooza:
  • Futsal Tournament:

Spring 2018

  • Flag Football: 
  • Grass Volleyball:
  • Soccer:
  • Softball:
  • Tube Polo:
  • Ultimate Frisbee:
  • Outdoor Basketball 3v3 Tournament:
  • Kickball 8v8 Tournament
  • Soccer Tennis 3v3 Tournament

Captains' Info

Each team should designate a captain who will be a representative for the team. It can be the RA but it is highly recommended that it be a player on the team. Although it is not mandatory for captains involved in the Res Hall Cup to attend the Captain's Meeting, again it is highly recommended. These meetings are important so you understand all of our Intramural policies as well as the rules related to the sport.


Only one team may participate in the Res Hall Cup per recognized UC Davis Residence Hall Community listed below. In order to qualify, the team name must match the community name and be used consistently throughout the academic year. Each community may register one CoRec team per sport.


Alder 2 Aggies (Soccer)
Alder 2 Fighters (Flag Football)
Alder 2 Athletes (Volleyball)

Cuarto (12) Tercero (44) Segundo (32)
Thoreau 1 Pine 1 Alder 2
Thoreau 2 Pine 2 Alder 3
Thoreau 3 Pine 3 Alder 4
Webster 1 Pine 4 Thompson 2
Webster 2 Scrub Oak 2 Thompson 3
Webster 3 Scrub Oak 3 Thompson 4
Emerson 1 Pool Scrub Oak 4 Miller 2
Emerson 2 Pool Currant 1 Miller 3
Emerson 3 Pool Currant 2 Miller 4
Emerson Grass 1 Currant 3 Campo
Emerson Grass 2 Currant 4 Rienda
Emerson Grass 3 Live Oak 1 & 2 Nova
Live Oak 3 Indio
Live Oak 4 Paloma
Sequoia 1 & 2 Sereno
Sequoia 3 Talara
Student Housing Apartments (SHA) Sequoia 4 Malcolm 2
Mahogany 1 Malcolm 3
Mahogany 2 Malcolm 4
Mahogany 3 Malcolm 5
Mahogany 4 Ryerson 2
Hawthorn 1 Ryerson 3
Hawthorn 2 Ryerson 4
Hawthorn 3 Ryerson 5
Hawthorn 4 Bixby 2
Kearney 1 Bixby 3
Kearney 2 Bixby 4
Kearney 3 Bixby 5
Kearney 4 Gilmore 2
Laben 1 Gilmore 3
Laben 2 Gilmore 4
Laben 3 Gilmore 5
Laben 4
Potter 1
Potter 2
Potter 3
Potter 4
Campbell 1
Campbell 2
Campbell 3
Campbell 4
Wall 2
Wall 3
Wall 4

Activities Breakdown

Fall 2017

Flag Football 7v7 Floorball 5v5
Quidditch 7v7 Ultimate Frisbee 7v7
Volleyball 6v6 Indoor Basketball 3v3 Tournament*

Winter 2018

Basketball 5v5 Indoor Soccer 6v6
Futsal 5v5 Tournament* Dodgeball Palooza 6v6*

Spring 2018

Flag Football 5v5 Grass Volleyball 4v4
Soccer 7v7 Softball 10v10
Tube Polo 5v5 Ultimate Frisbee 7v7
Outdoor Basketball 3v3 Tournament* Kickball 8v8 Tournament*
Soccer Tennis Tournament*
*Denotes Tournaments

Point Breakdowns

Basic Participation Points

  • Each Res Hall team will be awarded basic participation points.
  • Teams that play all games (both regular season/pool play and playoff games) to completion will earn 50 points.
  • A team that forfeits a game shall be penalized 25 points for each game forfeited (default will not incur penalty).
  • Default: If a team notifies the Intramural Sports Office 24 business hours in advance of the game time that they will not be available for the game, the contest will not be considered a forfeit but will be a default.

Place Points League Standings

If a team places in the top 4 of their league by the end of the regular season/pool play, the following points will be awarded:

  • 1st Place: 20 points
  • 2nd Place: 15 points
  • 3rd Place: 10 points
  • 4th Place: 5 points

The team’s league record will determine the league standings. The rating score will break all ties for teams with identical records. If multiple teams have the same league record and rating score, all teams involved will get the highest place points.


The two teams that make it to the championship game will be awarded points.

  • Champion: 50 points
  • Runner-up: 25 points

Bonus Points

Teams may also earn bonus points for the following categories: