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CRU (Campus Recreation and Unions) Membership, formerly known as ARC Membership, incorporates the amenities and services of the ARC and other CRU programming. Benefits include significant discounts at the Craft Center, Equestrian Center, Outdoor Adventures and Youth Programs. They also include low-cost access to Fitness and Wellness programs such as Group Exercise, Instructional Series and Personal Training. In addition, CRU Members enjoy free access to Intramural (IM) Sports, the Rec Pool and Hickey Pool. To explore your own CRU lifestyle, visit

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Aggie Camp (C) Fitness and Wellness Camps (C)
Cooking/Baking Camps (C) Sports Camps (C)
Craft Camps (C) Theater Camps (C)
Dance Camps (C)

Aggie Camp (C)

Camp Day: 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m.
A $155 / B $165 (Unless noted otherwise) || Enroll Now

Aggie Camp C is a unique program designed for campers ages 8–10. Campers will enjoy a wide range of activities from engaging projects to exciting games. Each week there will be an imaginative theme, explored through related games and activities. Campers will participate in a variety of events including new and exciting outdoor and indoor games, and a host of adventurous trips and tours both on and around the UC Davis campus area. This camp will give campers the opportunity to try new activities, acquire useful skills, and develop varous talents in an environment that fosters new friendships, and builds self-confidence. Due to the amount of traveling, we want to encourage campers to bring their bikes.

Camp Details:

AGCCC1 June 13–17 Field Trip: Sky High
AGCCC2 June 20–24 Field Trip: Sunsplash Waterpark A $180 / B $190*
AGCCC3 June 27–July 1 Field Trip: Bohart Museum and Raptor Center
AGCCC4 July 5–8 Field Trip: Sacramento Zoo A $130 / B $140**
AGCCC5 July 11–15 Field Trip: Discovery Museum
AGCCC6 July 18–22 Field Trip: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom A $180 / B $190***
AGCCC7 July 25–29 Field Trip: Sky High
AGCCC8 August 1–5 Field Trip: Bohart Museum and Raptor Center
AGCCC9 August 8–12 Field Trip: Sunsplash Waterpark A $180 / B $190****
AGCCC0 August 15–19 Field Trip: Sacramento Zoo

*Sunsplash: Thursday, June 23 Extended Day 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.

**Special rate due to July 4 closure.

***Six Flags: Thursday, July 21 Extended Day: 8:30 a.m.–6 p.m.

****Sunsplash: Thursday, August 11 Extended Day 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.

Cooking/Baking Camps (C)

Camp Day: 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m.
A $245 / B $260 || Enroll Now

Cooking/Baking Fusion

This camp is designed to teach campers age-appropriate techniques of cooking and baking. They will be learning these skills at the Putah Creek Lodge located in the UC Davis Arboretum. Campers will gain confidence in the kitchen while learning how to properly and safely prepare numerous dishes that utilize basic skills such as chopping, sautéing, baking, blanching and much more. Each Friday, campers will prepare a delightful lunch going through the whole process of preparing food including traveling to Savemart, finding groceries and ultimately showing off their new cooking skills to family and friends. Campers will also take home their very own workbook filled with the lesson worksheets and recipes they learned to make throughout the week. 

Please note any special dietary needs in the registration paperwork.

CKCCC6 July 18–22

Craft Camps (C)

Camp Day: 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m.
Prices Vary

Campers will have the chance to learn and strengthen new skills by creating unique pieces of art. Craft projects will range from functional to decorative depending on the chosen camp. Highlighted below are some projects that participants will have the chance to create in our craft camps. Each Friday at 2:30 p.m., campers will have a chance to show off their creations during the craft show at the Rec Pool Lodge.

The craft programs are designed to promote holistic learning experiences with an art-related outdoor activity planned every day after lunch. Outdoor activities will include exploring public art displays on campus, gathering items at the arboretum to incorporate in the next day’s art projects and playing games with a creative twist. These activities will also give campers a chance to explore the campus and meet other campers outside of their specific craft camps.

Ceramics (Two-week session)

A $350 / B $375 || Enroll Now
Projects: bowls, jars, coasters, slab letters
Skills: Campers will learn wheel throwing, hand building and glazing.

CFTCC6 July 18–29

Clothing and Accessories

A $185 / B $195 || Enroll Now
Projects: no-sew bows, flower headbands, figurine broche, galaxy shirts
Skills: Campers will learn about fashion design, hand sewing and color scheme awareness.

CFTCC5 July 11–15
CFTCC8 August 1–5
CFTCC9 August 8–12
CFTCC0 August 15–19

Craft Sampler

A $175 / B $185 || Enroll Now
Projects: metal washer art, door hanger to dos, wax art, fuse beads 
Skills: Campers will learn various crafting techniques, including layout design and basic ceramic techniques.

CFTSC2 June 20–24
CFTSC3 June 27–July 1
CFTSC5 July 11–15
CFTSC8 August 1–5

Drawing and Painting

A $175 / B $185 || Enroll Now
Projects: painted landscapes, perpective art, abstract paints and creative cariacatures
Skills: Campers will learn various drawing and painting techniques using a variety of mediums including watercolors, acrylic paints, ink and graphite and colored pencils.

CFTDC1 June 13–17
CFTDC4 July 5–8 A $140 / B $150*
CFTDC5 July 11–15
CFTDC6 July 18–22
CFTDC7 July 25–29
CFTDC8 August 1–5
CFTDC0 August 15–19

*Special rate due to July 4 closure.

Green Craft

A $155 / B $165 || Enroll Now

Projects: water bottle spirals, can mosaics, cardboard coverings, wood scrap letters
Skills: Campers will be educated on the importance and process of recycling, as well as usin those skills to create eco-friendly crafts.   

CFTGC1 June 13–17
CFTGC6 July 18–22

Jewelry and Accessories

A $185 / B $195 || Enroll Now
Projects: wire tree jewelry holder, bracelets, broches, leather beaded bracelets 
Skills: Campers will learn about the use of different mediums, wire wrapping, and aesthetic awareness.

CFTJC1 June 13–17
CFTJC2 June 20–24
CFTJC3 June 27–July 1


A $185 / B $195 || Enroll Now
Projects: mini magnet game boards, tin lanterns
Skills: Campers will learn about project layout, metal bending and metal cutting.

CFTMC2 June 20–24
CFTMC3 June 27–July 1
CFTMC4 July 5–8 A $160 / B $170*
CFTMC7 July 25–29
CFTMC8 August 1–5
CFTMC0 August 15–19

*Special rate due to July 4 closure.

Sewing: Beginning (One-Week Session)

A $175 / B $185 || Enroll Now
Projects: pillowcases, pincushion, craft box
Skills: Campers will learn how to use a sewing machine, follow a pattern and hand-stitching.
CFTBC5 July 11–15
CFTBC6 July 18–22

Participants must purchase their fabric prior to the first class. Information about fabric choices will be sent out via email approximately two weeks before camp starts.

Sewing: Beginning (Two-Week Session)

A $350 / B $375 || Enroll Now
Projects: purses, scrunchies, cut-out t-shirt 
Skills: Campers will learn how to use a sewing machine, following a pattern and hand-stitch.
CFTBC7 July 25–August 5

Participants must purchase their fabric prior to the first class. Information about fabric choices will be sent out via email approximately two weeks before camp starts.

Sewing: Intermediate

A $175 / B $185 || Enroll Now

Projects: pajama pants, mug sleeve, beanies
Skills: Campers will expand on techniques learned in Beginning Sewing, as well as apply new techniques on the sewing machine. 

This camp is for participants who have attended two or more sessions of beginning sewing camp and/or have an intermediate understanding of sewing. Participants must purchase their fabric prior to the first class. Information about fabric choices will be sent out via email approximately two weeks before camp starts.

CFTIC9 August 8-12


A $185 / B $195 || Enroll Now
Projects: birdhouse, tic tac toe board
Skills: campers will learn the measuring and cutting of wood in a straight line and how to create a sturdy project that is square and level.

CFTWC1 June 13–17
CFTWC2 June 20–24
CFTWC5 July 11–15
CFTWC6 July 18–122
CFTWC9 August 8–12
CFTWC0 August 15-19

Dance Camps (C)

Camp Day: 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m.

Prices Vary

Dance Intensive (Two-Week Session)

A $245 / B $260 || Enroll Now

Participants will be introduced to new styles of dance and lots of fun fusions of our own. Sessions will focus on techniques in areas such as hip hop, ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, rhythm stomp and much more. Campers will have the opportunity to experiment with basic choreography and putting their new skills to work. On the last Friday of the session the participants will present a special performance for family and friends to showcase all that they learned and created during camp. Basic knowledge of dance skills is required. Due to the amount of traveling, we want to encourage campers to bring their bikes.

DANDC4 July 5–15 A $225 / B $240*
DANDC8 August 1–12

*Special rate due to July 4 closure.

Fitness and Wellness Camps (C)

Camp Day: 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m.

Kid, Farms and Food

A $245 / B $260 || Enroll Now

By going on field trips to local farms, campers will develop an appreciation for the natural environment, where our food comes from, and the people who work to provide it. Campers will have an opportunity to see, pick, and taste produce, talk to local farmers and learn the importance (and deliciousness) of eating locally grown food. A good portion of the week will be spent in a kitchen where campers will learn basic cooking techniques featuring local foods. A portion of each day will also be spent participating in activities and art projects designed to promote healthy eating.

Please note any special dietary needs in the registration paperwork.

KFFKC2 June 20–24
KFFKC4 July 5–8 A $205 / B $220*
KFFKC7 July 27–31
KFFKC8 August 1–5

*Special rate due to July 4 closure.


A $170 / B $180 || Enroll Now

KidWell360 full of exciting and healthy opportunities! Participants will find what moves them in this highly active camp by seeking adventure, creativity, tranquility, inspiration, nourishment and outdoor recreation. Participants will also explore all 360 degrees of wellness, including physical, intellectual, social, emotional, environmental,and spiritual. This will be accomplished through a wide variety of activities such as rock climbing, yoga group exercise classes andnutrition and cooking lessons. Sessions will be taught by counselors, instructors and students from the Fitness and Wellness Program and the Nutrition Department. 

BAMKC1 June 13–17
BAMKC9 August 8–12

Sports Camps (C)

Camp Day: 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m.
A $135 / B $145 || Enroll Now

Flag Football Frenzy

Flag Football Frenzy is designed to teach the game of flag football to young players, while teaching them teamwork and improving their agility and fitness. The Frenzy concludes with a Friday flag football tournament where teams will compete in games to exhibit the skills learned during the week. This camp is a great opportunity to have fun and make new friends, while staying active and healthy. Camp is open to boys and girls with any level of experience or ability. Players will be grouped by grade and ability and coached accordingly. All activities will be held on Hutchison Field on the UC Davis campus.

SPTFC4 July 5–8 A $115/ B $125*
SPTFC8 August 1–5

*Special rate due to July 4 closure.

IM (Intramural) Frenzy

A $135 / B $145 || Enroll Now

Based on the Intramural (IM) Sports program at UC Davis, this camp provides participants with the opportunity to learn official IM rules and practice and compete both on teams and individually in five recreational games: Ping-Pong, badminton, cornhole, Quidditch and dodgeball. The first three days will be spent getting familiar with the games and building skills. On Thursday and Friday, the campers will participate in a frenzy-type tournament where they get to showcase their talents in all the new sports they’ve learned. IM Frenzy is the perfect program for campers to refine their physical and mental skills in competition, practice teamwork, and exhibit sportsmanship in a safe, respectful and exciting environment. Due to the amount of traveling, we encourage campers to bring their bikes.

SPTIC6 July 18–22

Inner Tube Water Polo

A $140 / B $150 || Enroll Now

Inner Tube Water Polo is an awesome way to be active and stay cool this summer. Campers will travel to the UC Davis Hickey Pool to play inner tube water polo using UC Davis Intramural Sports equipment. They will also play other aquatic games like Sharks and Minnows, Sink or Swim, Relay Racing, and many more. New water polo players can gain basic knowledge of the sport, and more experienced players can improve their skills. Due to the distance of travel to the pool, we encourage campers to bring their bikes.

SPTIC1 June 13–17
SPTIC3 June 27–July 1
SPTIC7 July 25–29
SPTIC0 August 15–19

Theater Camp (C)

Camp Day: 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m.
A $260 / B $280 || Enroll Now

Participants will gain exposure to stage acting, which will prepare them to excel in community and school theater programs. Participants will learn improvisation techniques, vocal projection and basic production design while making new friends and creating unforgettable characters. Our theater instructors encourage creativity, independence and self-confidence in all aspects of theater and performing arts. On the final day of the session, participants will perform a short play for fellow campers, families and friends. Due to the amount of traveling, we encourage campers to bring their bikes.

THETC2 June 20–July 1
THETC6 July 18–29