Participation in the Intramural (IM) Sports program is open to current UC Davis students, faculty, staff, alumni, retirees, community members and other University affiliates. Graduate and undergraduate students only need to have their Aggie Card to participate in Intramural Sports. Faculty, staff, alumni, retirees, community members and other University Affiliates must purchase a CRU Membership to be eligible to participate in the program.

The IM Card program is no longer in effect beginning July 1, 2014. Anyone that is not a current student and wants to participate in IM Sports must now have a current CRU Membership. A minimum of a 3 month membership is required to partipate in IM Sports during the academic year (fall, winter and spring quarters).

For more information on CRU memberships email or call at 530-754-5306.

Summer Only Eligibility

  • Summer IM Sports activities are available to all current undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Summer Session I, as well as University Affiliates and Community Members with an active CRU Membership. The IM card program is no longer in effect. 
  • All graduated and undergrad students continuing in the Fall but not enrolled in Summer Session I will need to purchase a CRU Membership and have it activated to their Aggie card to be eligible for summer Intramurals.