Welcome to the Memorial Union

The Information Desk is located on the first floor of the Memorial Union.  Look for the bright white counter near the main lounge. The friendly staff can provide information about programs, facilities, and services available on campus, as well as directions on campus and transportation resources, and they are knowledgeable about all things UC Davis.

Lost and Found

The Information Desk desk takes in lost and found as a courtesy to our guests. We are not responsible for loss, damage to or recovery of property. Valuables are turned over to the UC Davis Police Department on a weekly basis. All other items are kept at the Information Desk for four weeks then donated. Staff are available to assist guests with lost and found during Memorial Union open hours.


The Memorial Union is home to one of two flagpoles on campus. The United States of America Flag, the California State Flag, and the University of California Flag can be seen flying rain or shine. If you see the University flag at half-staff, an affiliate of the UC Davis Campus is being honored after passing away. If any staff is lowered to half-staff, there is an In Memoriam Card on the North side of the flagpole in remembrance of those who passed. Responsibility for raising and lowering the flags is shared between ROTC, NROTC, and the Information Desk.

Student Expression

UC Davis is home to many student activists. If you are looking for more information about how to go about expressing yourself, the University has provided students with resources on the Student Expressions Page. This page provides resources regarding rights, protests, and locations on campus that provide support to students. One of the key locations for student support is the Center for Student Involvement located on the fourth floor of the Memorial Union. They help groups operate successfully on campus and to support the educational experience which organizations provide for student members – as well as the entire campus community.

LCD Screens

Prior to the recent remodel of the Memorial Union, Registered Student Organizations could reserve display cases to advertise for their organization. There are now nine LCD screens on the first and second floors that display student organizations and department advertisements. Student Affairs Marketing and Communication takes submissions from Registered Student Organizations and UC Davis Departments for up to two ads per quarter that can run for up to two weeks. To read more about submission guidelines, see the Student Affairs Marketing and Communications LCD Display Guidelines.

Tabling at the Memorial Union 

The Information Desk coordinates table reservations for the Memorial Union and Silo. Reservations are available for registered student organizations up to four weeks in advance and for nonprofit groups up to two weeks in advance.  Online table reservations are only done for the first 3 weeks of Fall Quarter. Other than those 3 weeks, all table reservations must be made in person (unfortunately not over the phone or via email) at the Information Desk.

For the Memorial Union Table map and the Silo Union table map scroll to the bottom of this page.

Tabling Rules and Guidelines 

  • For-profit companies may NOT reserve tables at any time as UC Davis does not allow for commercial advertisement on campus (as cited in UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual Chapter 310, section 25)
  • Displays and activities associated with the table reservation cannot block the free flow of traffic or encroach on another table i.e.:
    • Bikes may not be leaned against the tables or trees 
    • Standees/A-frames cannot block the walkways between or in front of tables 
  • Pop-up tents or structures over the tables of any kind are not permitted as they are fire hazards 
  • No posting is permitted on walls, windows, doors, trees or receptacles around the table, but posters may be attached to the table.  Please remove all tape and zipties from the tables once finished (as cited in UC Daivs Policy and Procedure Manual Chapter 310, Section 27)
  • No amplified sound may be played from the tables without a sound permit 
  • Tables are available for disseminating literature and information, recruiting members and approved fundraising activities only.
  • Commercial sales and activities are strictly prohibited. Organizations wishing to conduct commercial activities may contact the UC Davis Bookstore at 530.757.3080 to contract and pay for vendor space available for such activities. 
  • Tables are monitored by the Memorial Union Staff. Table Reservation Confirmation and Permit to Sell must be clearly displayed.

Collection Bin Reservations

  • Each registered student organization is limited to one reservation per quarter/summer session.
  • This reservation may be made as early as the first day of the preceding quarter/summer session.
  • There are three Collection Bins located at the Memorial Union and the Student Community Center that can be reserved for two week periods (beginning on Monday ending on Friday). The Information Desk at the Memorial Union will approve the request for all three locations.
  • Collection Bins are provided and will be placed by 9 am on the Monday your reservation begins. The Collection Bins are large red Rubbermaid trash bins, to accommodate your donations. 
  • Collection Bins must be labeled by 11 am on the Monday your reservation begins. (Note: If Monday is a holiday, the Bins must be labeled by 11 am Tuesday.)
  • Labels must be typed, poster size (11” by 17”), and must indicate the type of drive, the organization name, and who the donations will go to.
  • If the Collection Bins are not labeled by the deadline, your reservation may be forfeited.
  • Collection Bins must be emptied at the end of each week or when full.
  • Collection Bins will be removed the Monday following the end of your reservation by 9 am, any unclaimed items will be donated to the Pantry or Aggie Reuse Store.