How to Sign Up for a Free Agent Team:

  1. Choose date and time from list below.
  2. Click here and then click the online registration link.
    • In order to register or play for a team, you will need to have an IM Track profile and then must go "My Profile," scroll to the bottom and accept the terms and conditions by selecting 'Yes' and typing your first and last name as it appears in the system.
  3. Find the Free Agent Team within the sport, league and division to add your name and student ID number or CR Membership number and click “enter.”
  4. Keep in mind that signing up for a team does NOT guarantee that the team will fulfill the minimum participant requirements to play.
  5. The password to add yourself to a free agent team is freeagent.
    • If for some reason this password does not work, please email Rec Sports with the following information:
      • Full name
      • Student ID or CR Membership number
      • Team you would like to join
  6. All free agent players will need to purchase a Rec Sports One Pass in order to particpate (no more Free Agent Fees) 

Free Agent Teams Fall 2018

Basketball (ARC Main Gym)

Division Day Time
Open Competitive, OC3 Wednesday 9/10 p.m.
Open Recreational, OR3 Thursday 9/10 p.m.
CoRec Competitive, , CC3 Thursday 7/8 p.m.
CoRec Recreational, CR3 Tuesday 7/8 p.m.
Women's, W1 Monday 9/10 p.m.

Flag Football (Hutchison Field South)

Division Day Time
Open Competitive, OC2 Tuesday 7 p.m.
CoRec Recreational, CR2 Wednesday 6/7 p.m.

Floorball (ARC MAC)

Division Day Time
Open, O2 Wednesday 7:00/7:45/8:30 p.m. (times rotate each week)

Quidditch (Hutchison Field North)

Division Day Time
CoRec, C2 Wednesday 8:00/8:40/9:20 (times rotate each week)

Soccer  (Dairy Outdoor Recreation Center)

Division Day Time
Open Competitive, OC3 Tuesday 7 p.m.
Open Recreational, OR3 Thursday 7 p.m.
CoRec Competitive, CC3 Tuesday 8 p.m.
CoRec Recreational, CR3 Monday 7 p.m.