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Membership Benefits

Activities and Recreation Center (ARC)

For information about access to the ARC for CR Members, see below.

Rec Pool and Hickey Pool

  • Free lap swimming at Hickey Pool, open year-round with heated 25-yard lanes and full locker rooms, including warm showers.
  • Free admission to Recreation Pool, one of the largest free-form pools on the West Coast. The Rec Pool also features two lap-swimming lanes, two diving boards, an island for water activities and large lawns on which to relax. (CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION)

Intramural (IM) Sports

Complimentary access to the Intramural (IM) Sports program*, which offers more than 27 recreational sport activities, including basketball, soccer, volleyball and flag football.

*Must have a minimum 3-Month CR Membership to be eligible for free access.

Discounts On a Wide Variety of Additional CR Programming

CR Members are eligible for significantly discounted prices (A Pricing) for all of the following:

Membership and Member Card Policies

  • Campus Recreation card, or approved University ID, is required to access Campus Recreation centers, facilities, fields, offerings, and services.

  • Campus Recreation membership provides member pricing to additional services and offering within the department.

  • Campus Recreation card and membership are non-transferable.

  • Replacement fee will be issued for member card that is lost, stolen, or misplaced.

  • Membership rates are indexed against student fees, and therefore are subject to change.

  • Please visit our website for all operational hours, program/service offerings, and specific guidelines.

  • Campus Recreation management reserves the right to confiscate this card, refuse service to cardholder, or suspend membership privileges if this card is used in an inappropriate manner, or if cardholder violates a policy.

Access to Other University of California Facilities

Under the Reciprocity Agreement, all current UC Davis students and any faculty/staff CR Members (Community Members are not eligible) are entitled to use recreation centers at other UC campuses.

  • Students

    • As students travel around the state over breaks and holidays, they may seek to continue their fitness routines. There is a policy permitting students from any UC campus to use recreational sports facilities at any other UC campus.
    • During the academic year, visiting students with valid UC student IDs (for UC Davis students, the AggieCard) plus proof of enrollment (class schedule) will be admitted at no charge to recreational facilities system wide. At specialty facilities—e.g., aquatic centers, equestrian centers, etc.—the visiting students may participate by paying the standard campus student rate.
    • For Summer Sessions, UC students can purchase summer passes as though they were continuing students at the campus they are visiting. A valid UC student ID (for UC Davis students, the AggieCard) will be required to purchase a membership at the host UC.
  • Faculty/Staff

    • At any time of year, faculty/staff CR Members can access any UC recreational sports facility system wide at no charge. To gain access, faculty/staff CR Members will need to present a Recreation Member Guest Pass and a valid UC faculty/staff ID card (for UC Davis faculty/staff, the AggieCard) at the recreation center they are visiting. The Guest Passes, which are good for one week at a time, are available from the Member Services Coordinator at the ARC (visit the Member Services Desk). Guest passes are valid for seven consecutive days at a time, as indicated on each pass.
    • At specialty facilities—e.g., aquatic centers, equestrian centers, etc.—faculty/staff CR Members may participate by paying the standard campus faculty/staff rate.
    • Faculty/staff CR Members who will be spending more than one week at another campus may purchase passes and memberships at the local campus faculty/staff rate.
    • UC faculty/staff who are not members of their home recreational facilities (i.e., are not CR Members) are eligible to purchase memberships to other UC recreational facilities at that campus’s faculty/staff rate. Visiting faculty/staff can show their UC faculty/staff ID card (for UC Davis faculty/staff, the AggieCard) as verification of eligibility to purchase a membership.

Membership Information

Personal Membership Consultations

We encourage all CR Members to take advantage of their complimentary Personal Membership Consultation: a one-on-one tour of the ARC conducted by an experienced Member Services staff member. As part of the Personal Membership Consultation, we also offer detailed fitness center orientations to interested members: a Personal Trainer from the ARC will lead members in a thorough introduction to the fitness amenities of the facility, showing them the ARC equipment, discussing proper use and answering any questions. In addition to the ARC tour and the fitness center orientation, the Personal Membership Consultation provides information about all the benefits provided by CR Membership, both at the ARC and other Campus Recreation and Unions facilities.

To request your free consultation, call the Member Services Desk at 530-754-5306. You may also request the consultation in person at the Member Services Desk during ARC operating hours.


Access to the ARC Facility

In order to gain access to the fitness and recreation areas of the ARC, UC Davis students and CR Members must meet the following guidelines:

  • Students
    • Students must present their AggieCard (UC Davis student ID card) to gain access to the fitness and recreation areas of the ARC.
    • AggieCard must be valid for the current quarter (i.e., you must be enrolled in classes).
    • AggieCard card must in be good condition: without tears, breaks or staples, and with a complete magnetic strip that can be scanned at the front desk check-in.
  • CR Members (University Affiliates and Community Members)
    • CR Members must present their CR Membership card or UC Davis faculty/staff ID card (AggieCard) to gain access to the fitness and recreation areas.
    • CR Membership or UC Davis faculty/staff ID card (AggieCard) must be valid at the time of use.
    • CR Membership or UC Davis faculty/staff ID card (AggieCard) must in be good condition: without tears, breaks or staples, and with a complete magnetic strip that can be scanned at the front desk check-in.
    • CR Members can sponsor as many immediate family members as they want, including for purchases of Day Passes.

CR Members are allowed entrance into the ARC twice per quarter without their CR Membership or UC Davis faculty/staff ID card (AggieCard). After these two exceptions to the access policy, members must have their CR Membership card or AggieCard to enter the ARC’s fitness and recreation areas, or they must purchase a Day Pass.

ARC Policies and Guidelines

Please read and follow all outlined guidelines listed below. Refusal to do so may result in the suspension of utilizing the Activities and Recreation Center.

  • Allow people to “work in” while you are resting or in between sets.

  • Avoid using your cell phone or socializing while utilizing equipment.

  • Place equipment back in the proper location.

  • Please wipe down equipment after use.

  • 30 minute limit on all equipment.

  • Do not work out in hallways or in front of stairwells or emergency exits.

  • No shoes on stretching mats.

  • Please notify a staff member if equipment is not operating properly.

  • Shirts and closed-toed shoes must be warn at all times. Proper athletic attire is required. (At discretion of ARC staff.)

  • Personal belongings must be kept in a locker. The staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • No photography or videography without prior approval from Campus Recreation career staff.

  • No posting materials inside or on the exterior of the facility without prior approval from Informal Recreation Career Staff.

  • Prohibited items include but are not limited to non service animals, bicycles, long boards, scooters, weapons, alcohol, drugs, drug paraphernalia, combustibles, etc. 

  • Anything deemed inappropriate by staff will be prohibited.

  • All patrons must comply with staff directives.

ARC Court One Additional Guidelines

  • Users must be 18 years of age or a UC Davis active Student and in good physical condition. Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaires (Par-Qs) are available at the Membership Desk. Consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.

  • Proper athletic attire is required (at discretion of the Fitness Center staff).

    • Non-denim or any other material deemed to damage equipment along with closed-toed shoes.

  • No private instruction. All Personal Trainers must be hired through Campus Recreation and Unions (at discretion of ARC staff).

  • Weightlifting (Snatch/Clean & Jerk) is only permitted on the designated platforms.

    • Do not remove bars from this area.

  • Dropping/slamming equipment is prohibited when using either dumbbells and/or barbells within the squat rack.

  • Please work cooperatively with other patrons during high volume hours.

  • Please return and clean equipment after use.

    • Keep equipment in its designated area.

  • Food and drink are prohibited with the exception of water in a closed container.

  • Please refrain from unsuitable use of equipment or space. If you are unsure of how to use a piece of equipment for its intended purpose please ask a Fitness Center Attendant for assistance.

    • Anything deemed inappropriate by staff will be prohibited.

  • Fitness Center Attendant reserves the right to implement any rules or guidelines that protect the health, safety and wellbeing of the facility and its users.

Members/violators that deliberately or routinely break a policy will be required to provide their information (Name and ID Number or ID Card) to Informal Recreation Staff. Policy violations will be reviewed by Informal Recreation Career Staff. Appropriate disciplinary actions, including verbal warning, removal from ARC, restricted use of facilities, and loss of membership privileges, is up to the discretion of administration.

Parking at the ARC

The Activities and Recreation Center parking lot has day permits for $9, which can be purchased from machines in the lots (cash or credit cards accepted), and coin-metered spaces. Weeknight parking is free after 10 p.m. and before 7 a.m. Weekend parking is free, unless there is an event.

Try the EasyPark Personal Parking Meter from TAPS

The EasyPark Personal Parking Meter is a great alternative for those who do not park for very long periods of time, or do not drive to campus on a daily basis. Please check out the TAPS website for more information and availability.


To contact CR Member Services, call 530-754-5306 or email