Davis, CA – June 22, 2015 – UC Davis Craft Center Gallery presents “Pearls”, the solo exhibition of Craft Center volunteer and long-time jewelry artist, Soumia Varghese, June 22 – July 29. Opening reception will be held on June 26, 5–7 p.m. at the gallery 530-752-1475. Soumia will be at the reception to answer questions.

Soumia’s interest in creating jewelry was initially sparked 4 years ago by her love for collecting precious gemstones and pearls from different parts of the world. She picked up wire wrapping and jewelry making and in particular, she began focusing on finding those pieces she describes as having “magical colors”; typically organic gems such as pearls and coral. This focus comes from her upbringing in India. Soumia says that she is constantly being “inspired by the perfection, beauty and color of Indian Jewelry”. This is extremely evident in the wide variety of stunning, colorful pieces she produces; each piece seeming to be telling its own unique story.

The pieces in this exhibit will be on sale through July 29, after which time you can contact her personally for additional pricing inquiries and custom work requests. You can also connect with Soumia at the monthly Square Tomatoes Craft Festival in Davis’ Central Park at her vendor booth.

For other questions regarding the show, she can be contacted at