Rectangles Etc. by Jennifer Sheffield

During my time at UC Davis, two things I could always rely on were knitting and photography. Knitting helped transform anxiety about exams and research into a variety of I-don’t-know-what-it-is-yets and photography coerced me into going outside and contorting my body into strange positions in order to get the perfect angle for that dang backlit flower.

I also experienced a slew of crafty obsessions—pine needle baskets, teabag-related crafts, crocheted jar cosies, ceramic baby faces, turnip prints, among other things—which helped to keep me sane while simultaneously making me look like a crazy person making lots of useless things. I ended up with a lot of rectangle-shaped stuff.

This show is open daily during Craft Center hours

Opening reception January 13 at 5 pm

For more information, call the Craft Center at 530-752-1475.