Fluid Illusions

A show by Kaci Sousa

Artist’s Statement

This show is really important to me because it's my first time displaying my art for the public. I wanted to get my best pieces from the last couple years together and I was so impressed to see both my progression throughout the years as well as the constant fluid theme that runs through my work. I love tentacled creatures (octopus, jellyfish etc.) and I love dancing and music. I wanted my tentacle sculptures to seem alive and moving, almost dancing; so I put a lot of attention on the relationship between the tendrils and their fluidity. My love for the ocean inspires me to create pieces that make me feel like I'm taking a piece of the sea inside with me. There is so much art already in the world around us and I hope my art can help remind us of that. Thank you for taking your time to enjoy my pieces, feel free to leave me any comments!

Bio: Kaci grew up in the Napa Valley and has always been creative and artistic. Her passion for nature, especially the ocean, can really be seen in her artistic influence. Kaci is a flameworking teacher here at the craft center but she also enjoys ceramics, photography, cooking and writing poetry. She also runs an Etsy shop called Kiefy Leaf Studios where you can find mostly her glass work for sale.

For more information, call the Craft Center at 530-752-1475.