Davis, CA – August 10, 2015 – UC Davis Craft Center Gallery presents “Co-Creative” the exhibition of Craft Center ceramics instructors, Renee Dryfoos and Linda Schwartz, August 10 – September 4. Opening reception will be held on August 14, 5–7 p.m. at the gallery 530-752-1475. Linda and Renee will be at the reception to answer questions.

Renee Dryfoos, a resident of Davis since 1989, has always been a creative soul, experimenting with different media throughout the years. Starting in 2001, she found herself locked into the world of ceramic art and has since worked diligently on perfecting techniques in wheel throwing and hand building. She finds joy in working with mixed media and is often simply inspired by the nature around her. Linda Schwartz, a 23-year resident of Davis, started as a ceramics student at the Craft Center and progressed so much so that she soon became and remains an instructor herself. Among her hobbies of knitting, reading, and gardening, ceramics has become her main focus in all aspects of the art; whether she’s browsing other ceramic exhibits, magazines and books or simply observing other ceramic artists at work, Linda, like Renee, loves to pull from these to develop her own techniques.

In addition to their solo works, both artists were ambitious enough to embark upon the adventures of producing a few collaborative pieces that combine their different styles and approaches. A couple of pieces to look forward to in this exhibit includes one titled “Neighbors”, an ode to Linda’s late neighbor and friend who sparked the initial idea of the piece, eventually evolving after her passing. Another piece to look out for is the duo’s joint project that features large fluted vessels; a piece that creatively brought the two together in triumph after overcoming a couple of challenges along the way in experimenting with new techniques.

This exhibit, a collaboration between the two ceramic hobbyists-turned-instructors, is a testament of their love for feeding off of others' creativity as well as of their continued commitment to creating inclusive learning environments both in and out of the Craft Center.