Often called the living room of campus, the Memorial Union is a central hub of student life. It is home to a host of student services and programs, including the ASUCD student government offices, Center for Student Involvement, Coffee House, UC Davis Store, Games Area, study lounges and meeting rooms. Visit the Memorial Union today and experience student life at UC Davis.

If you'd like to understand a bit more about why it's called the 'Memorial' Union and not just referred to as a student union like on some other college campuses, read this great article from the UC Davis news.

UC Davis Memorial Union Renewal Project

Beginning spring 2015, the Memorial Union building will undergo a comprehensive renovation in staged, sequential phases of construction. This Memorial Union Renewal Project will make the facility a more dynamic environment and integral on-campus destination for students and others in the UC Davis community, and will include numerous critical and strategic improvements. To learn more, visit the UC Davis Memorial Union Renewal Project webpage.