How to Join - Fall 2016

Sign-ups for Retreat 2016 open the Tuesday after Picnic Day! This year, the 19th of April.

The California Aggie Marching Band Fall 2016 Retreat will be held on September 12–14. Please note that fall quarter starts the following week. There is a gap between the end of Retreat and move-in weekend. Some new members opt to return home after Retreat and get their belongings before move-in, others stay in Davis and have family bring their dorm supplies up. While either of these options work, it's obviously much easier for Bay Area residents to head home afterwards. Southern Californis residents usually find it easier to stay, and upperclassmen and section leaders are always happy to help new members find a place to stay should you want to.

The Joining Process - Fall 2016

To sign up for Retreat, fill out this form. This helps us get everyone's information in one place

After signing up for Retreat 2016 via the Google Form above, you'll be prompted within a week for further action steps:

  • Send in a Freshman Letter (short personal statement)
  • Send in a current photo
  • Register and pay online

Once you've completed those steps you'll be officially registered for Retreat. The 2016 letter and photo postmark date is August 29th, but we collect them all summer, so send them in ASAP.

It can take up to a week for us to receive your letter and photo after they have been sent. Please keep in mind that we will confirm receipt upon arrival. Further instructions, including how to pay for Retreat, section leader contact info, timelines, and additional info will be included.