The California Aggie Marching Band is in the process of raising funds for immediate uses, as well as an endowment to ensure financial stability in the future. As an organization that prides itself on tradition, we continue to attend games during football and basketball season, home or away. Over the past few years with the athletic department's success, and the move to Division I sports, these games have been scheduled at farther locations than ever before.

The change to Division I, the recent university budget cuts and the band's continual membership expansion require an increase in funds, but unfortunately our budget needs are ongoing. We are searching for other ways to continue our dedication to both the university and the community. Currently, the band is looking for funding for uniform, instrument, equipment  and travel expenses. There are two major donor accounts through which donations can be made:

Endowment Fund

Direct Donations

If you would like to support the band and make a contribution, please click here. Direct Donations and contributions to the Endowment Fund are both fully tax-deductible.

Endowment Fund

The Cal Aggie Marching Band Endowment is a perpetual fund, managed by the UC Davis Foundation for the exclusive benefit of California Agie Marching Band. Each year, a portion of the income generated by the fund is distributed to the band for unrestricted use as necessary. Donations to the endowment promote the long-term financial stability and growth of the band.

With a total of 312 members and over 83 years of experience, California Aggie Marching Band has acted as a bridge between the UC Davis campus and the surrounding community through music. In receiving much support from the university and community, Cal Aggie Marching Band-uh! finds performing as one of the ways of giving back. On behalf of the university and Campus Recreation and Unions, the band has performed in over 100 community performances, including more recently the UC Davis Children's Hospital, the National MPS Society's charity dinner and the City of Vacaville's "Save the Music" Fundraiser. In addition, as representatives of the university and the Davis community, the band can be seen across the state and worldwide via televised events.

In this challenging economic climate, we must seek additional sources of financial support in order to maintain the quality programming that is expected of the California Aggie Marching Band. We are challenged to provide and maintain uniforms, musical instruments, and equipment. In order to sustain the CAMB, we are dedicating new efforts to our endowment campaign.

The cost of being a university marching band that fully supports an NCAA Division I Athletics program is extreemely high, with some of these costs being paid for by current bandsmen. Although institutional funding covers the additional program costs, reductions in funding will result in fewer opportunities for current and future bandsmen. Some other significant issues include:

  • California Aggie Marching Band membership has hit an all-time high at 312 members in 2013–14. We need to acquire more musical instruments, as well as replace the many instruments that have been in service for over 20 years.
  • We need to be able to maintain and repair musical instruments and equipment used with the band. These costs are higher due to the age of the current instrument inventory.
  • We need to plan ahead to purchase new uniforms, including hats, plumes and spats, on a regular basis. (Once every ten to fifteen years is preferred.)
  • We must pay for proper uniform maintenance, that includes regular and emergency cleaning, repair and alterations, as necessary.

To field a band of 200 performers, it would cost over $381,100.00 to properly outfit the band for performance.

In order for the California Aggie Marching Band to achieve fiscal sustainability, our goal is for the endowment account to $7.5 million. As one of only three marching bands in the University of California system, California Aggie Marching Band needs your financial support. Your contributions will help develop the endowment accounts and a current use account to provide both short and long term financial support, allowing the band to continue as the embodiment of Aggie Pride, both now and into the future.

Important information regarding this campaign:

Privacy Notice

The 1977 California Information Practices Act requires UC Davis to provide the following information to individuals asked to supply information about themselves: UC Davis is requesting this information to maintain accurate donor files in the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. Furnishing the information is strictly voluntary and it will be maintained confidentially. The information may be used by other university departments in the regular course of business but will not be disseminated to others except if required by law. You have the right to review your own data file. Inquiries should be forwarded to the Director of Advancement Services, University of California, One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616.

UC Davis Foundation

UC Davis Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), public benefit corporation organized for the purpose of encouraging voluntary private support for the benefit of UC Davis and is recognized under federal and state tax laws as a qualified donee for tax-deductible charitable contributions. Responsibility for governance of the Foundation, including investments, is vested in its Board of Trustees, which is comprised of community leaders and senior campus administrators.

Donor Consent

The University is grateful for the support it receives from alumni and friends. One of the ways our thanks is expressed is through listing the names of donors in various publications. Should you wish that your name not appear as a donor, please notify us if you have not already done so.

STIP/GIFT Fee Policy

It is the policy of the University of California, Davis and the UC Davis Foundation to utilize a portion of the gift principal and/or the short-term investment income on current gifts and grants to support the cost of raising and administering gift funds.

If you would like to support the band and make a contribution, please click here.

Direct Donations

Your donations to the California Aggie Marching Band will go a long way in helping to meet the monetary needs of our organization. Online donations are prefered, as they enter the same accounts but are done automatically, but donations in the form of a check can be sent to:

California Aggie Marching Band
One Shields Avenue,232 ARC
Davis, CA 95616

Please make checks out to UC Regents with CAMB or Band-uh in the memo, for more information, contact the band.

Student Testimonials

“You may come to band with the desire the play music, make friends, and be a part of the most spirited student organization on campus. But what you end up with is so much more than just that. By the time you leave, you've got greater pride and confidence in yourself, leadership skills you didn't know you had, the feeling that you worked hard and played hard, and a much louder projecting voice. You instantly have an incredibly diverse community of over 200 people that care about you and want to support you. Plus, you get to travel, support athletics, and play some rockin' tunes. Truly, my experience in band has made my college experience what it is and I could not be any happier.”

Claire Woolf, Alto Saxophone

“Before I joined the Band-uh my sophomore year, I would go to sporting events just to see the Band-uh play. Every time I saw them, they would make me so happy. Even biking by the Band-uh during marching practice or seeing them marching to the Picnic Day rehearsal spot would make my day. The decision to join the Band-uh has been one of the best decisions I have made. Though being in Band-uh has been a lot of hard work for me (I had never been involved in any sort of band before this, or had played an instrument before), knowing that I am giving so much joy to the community by performing in the Band-uh has been so incredibly rewarding.

Being a member of the CAMB has not only allowed me to give back to the community; it also has allowed me to become involved in music and to meet so many wonderful people I never would have met otherwise. We truly are some of the most spirited students on campus, and I am so thankful and honored to be a part of this wonderful organization.”

Jessie Saunders, Alto Saxophone