The 2018 California Aggie Marching Band Officers' Council:

Office Name Bio Office Hours


Viviana Valle

Viviana "Vivi" Valle is a tenor player majoring in Psychology and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies with a minor in Chicanx Studies. On her spare time she enjoys hiking, dismantling the patriarchy, exploring big cities, and spending money on things she will inevitably regret later.

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R: 2:10-3PM

Student Director

Sydney Bonnell

Sydney is a fourth year music performance major with a minor in education, who plays alongside the tenor sax section. Outside of practicing she also snowboards and loves to binge watch tv shows.

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W & R: 5-6PM

Drum Major

Jack Hansen

Jack is a Senior studying Plant Biology and minoring in History because he loves plants and old stuff.  When not jamming out on the Tenor Sax with Band-Uh! Jack likes to play video games, hang out with friends, and explore the outdoors.

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W: 1-3PM

Assistant Manager

Dylan Musgrove

Dylan is a third year Managerial Economics and Music double major and he plays the sousaphone. When he isn’t with the band or sitting in causeway traffic, he likes to look at maps, read/write poetry, and get less than five hours a sleep a night because he stayed up too late on the internet, probably looking at maps.

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T: 1:30-2:30PM

Assistant Drum Major

Kenzie Pollard

Kenzie is a third year EEB major and environmental toxicology minor. When not playing flute, she solves a basket case of riddles by reading Sherlock Holmes. She has a crested gecko named Eragon, a growing collection of drill charts and a lifelong goal to avoid the long road to ruin.

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R: 12-2PM

Assistant Student Director

Jordan Roberts

Jordan is a third year majoring in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior and minoring in Music.  When he is not playing tenor sax, Jordan enjoys playing video games, attempting to keep up with sports, and taking long walks past the COWS.

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R: 10-11AM

F: 11AM-12PM

Uniform Manager

Chelsea Diab

Chelsea is a 4th year Psychology and Managerial Economics double major. When she's not playing trombone (7) in the band-uh!, she likes to obsess over corgis, music, and dying her hair weird colors. She's got a thing and it's called radar love, for this band.

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M: 4-6PM

F: 2-4PM

Public Relations Manager

Jolena Pacheco

Jolena is a fourth year English and Communication double major who can be seen rocking out on the tenor saxophone. In her free time she enjoys writing, reading books that aren’t part of an assignment, finding new music on Spotify, and online window shopping.

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F: 11AM-1PM


V. Leone Rivers

V. Leone Rivers is a third year Music major, specializing in percussion performance. When not swinging the glockenspiel around with the band-uh, she can also be found managing the University Concert Band or helping out on the roof of the Physics building during the Astronomy lab. She enjoys explaining the not-so-little differences between the glockenspiel and xylophone, as well as dancing all the time, even in the hazy shade of winter. 

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T: 2-3PM

R: 5-6PM


Karina Garcia

Karina is a third year BioPsych major with a ~possible~ NPB minor. While she’s not flipping her hair alongside the flute section, she can be found capturing the impression that you get of the Band-Uh! Outside of band, Karina enjoys caffeine indulgence, poorly timed Netflix binges, and being as conspicuously inconspicuous about her puppy watching as possible.

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M: 5-6PM

Stunt Committee Chair

Jackie Combs

Jackie is a junior studying biochemistry and molecular biology with the hopes of attending medical school. When she is not mastering hair flips with the clarinets she can often be found reading, helping people with o-chem, looking at pictures of puppies or hanging out with friends. 

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T: 11AM-12PM

Instrument Manager

Edgar Baculi

Having been through the experience that was physical chemistry, Edgar is a senior now happily majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and minoring in Computer Science.Other than academics and internships, Edgar loves playing video games and playing/learning a variety of musical instruments with piano being on top. Naturally, there is no marching piano, so you can find him swinging his net around with the clarinet section. Even if he isn't in the band room, you can probably still find him on campus working in a research lab in Briggs, or sequencing some DNA in Storer. You should definitely ask him what an Aggie Baggie is!!

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M: 4-6PM

F: 2-4PM

The 2018 California Aggie Marching Band Section Leaders


Laura Long and Rob Fiallos


Schuyler Alschuler and William Li

Alto Saxophones:

Lalo Gutierrez and Mark Shimabukuro

Tenor Saxophones:

Jordan Roberts and Mitchell Wong

Baritax (Baritone Saxophones and Baritone Horns):

Ema Seijas and Michael Brito


Erik Vallejo and Sharif Dacus


Emre Ozen and Michelle Marin


Adam Strauss and Taylor Charlesworth


Brett Monji and Dylan Musgrove


Aaron Davis and Emma Karzin