The 2016 California Aggie Marching Band Officers' Council

Office Name Bio Office Hours


Kelsey McDonald

Kelsey is a fourth year Communication & Psychology double major who plays the trombone. In her free time, she enjoys cuddling with her cats (Neo & Lyl), counting stars at midnight and attempting to re-read the Harry Potter series for the hundredth time.

T: 1-2pm & By Appointment

Student Director

Sam Shipman

Sam is a third year Geology major and Music minor who plays the baritone.  In his spare time, Sam enjoys jamming with friends, watching obscure independent movies nobody has ever heard of before, scouring the UCD catalog for any class pertaining to dinosaurs, and hiking in geologically-rich locales (some say he is In the Stone).

W: 1:30-2:30

F: 1:30-2:30

Drum Major

David Hand

David is a fourth year Food Science (Brewing) major and Music minor, often seen jamming out on the sousaphone. He does enjoy a spot of the old video game, eating or making delicious food (mostly just eating), and ignoring hand-based puns.

By Appointment

Assistant Manager

Viviana Valle

Viviana "Vivi" Valle is a tenor player majoring in Psychology and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies with a minor in Chicanx Studies. On her spare time she enjoys hiking, dismantling the patriarchy, exploring big cities, and spending money on things she will inevitably regret later.

W: 6:30-7:30pm

Assistant Drum Major

Jack Hansen

Jack is a Junior studying Plant Biology and minoring in History because he loves plants and old stuff.  When not jamming out on the Tenor Sax with Band-Uh! Jack likes to play video games, hang out with friends, and explore the outdoors.

M: 11-12

R: 11-12

Assistant Student Director

Sydney Bonnell

Sydney is a third year music performance major with a minor in education, who plays alongside the tenor sax section. Outside of practicing she also snowboards and loves to binge watch tv shows.

By Appointment

Uniform Manager

Amber Valenzuela

Amber is a third year English and Psychology double major with an Education minor. You can find her happily playing amongst the clarinet section. She can also be found driving the big red buses on campus, sitting behind the desk of the UC Davis Craft Center, drinking coffee at the CoHo and writing sins not tragedies in Shields Library.

T: 5:30-7:30pm

F: 2-5pm

Public Relations Manager



Rina is a 5th year trombone player who is double majoring in Comparative Literature and Biological Sciences. Yes, she knows that’s an interesting combination, and no, she doesn’t exactly know what she’s going to do with it. She enjoys shenanigans and likes to spend time with people who involve themselves in such things.

By Appointment


Charles Cook

Charles is a 3rd year NPB major and trumpet player who hates sand. When he isn't cutting papers, he enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and making the most of his time in the band before they go their separate ways.

M: 5-6

R: 2-3


Anthony Liu

Anthony is a junior double majoring in Design and Computer Science. He plays the flute, but time and time again, he can be found taking pictures of the band-uh.  Outside of school and band, he loves all the small things about Iron Man.

By Appointment

Stunt Committee Chair

Jan Hong

Jan is a bass drummer majoring in psychology and human development from Orange County. A proud SoCal resident, she loves to go back home time and time again to visit friends, family, and the beach.

F: 4-5pm

Instrument Manager

Luciano Herrera Guijosa

Luciano is a second year Global Disease Biology student with a Luso-Brazilian Studies Minor. He likes being out and about keeping close relationships with friends when he isn't jamming out on Baritone with the Baritax Section. He also loves film, feeding his Hissing Cockroaches blueberries, and welcoming other insects to his paradise called home.

M: 10am-12pm

F: 2-4pm