Cal Aggie Alumni Marching Band

Cal Aggie Alumni Marching Band is the alumni association of the Aggie Band. Although our active ranks consist of about 300 regularly participating band alumni, our official roster traces 1269 members back to 1929. As an official chapter of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA), we are its strongest and most consistent chapter.

Cal Aggie Alumni Marching Band traditionally makes appearances at UC Davis' spring Picnic Day, Homecoming and at periodic performances throughout the year. In 1994, the alumni band returned from its first international performance: a fourteen-day, five-city tour of the People's Republic of China, and now is organized as a year round marching band to provide greater opportunities for our alumni to continue playing.

Cal Aggie Alumni Marching Band officially serves many other functions including providing a variety of support for California Aggie Marching Band alums, Aggie teams, the CAAA, the University of California, and the Davis campus and community. The emphasis of our support, however, is directed toward Cal Aggie Marching Band-uh!. This includes everything from arranging barbecues for Fall Retreat, helping pay for travel for unbudgeted playoff games, setting up the Friends of the Aggie Band Endowment Fund, and most recently, laying the foundation for a job outreach program to give Aggie Band-uh! members access to our members' diverse professional experience. Through all our efforts one rule is inviolate, that the band be student-run (i.e., run by students not alums) so the current students can benefit from the same opportunities that we had as bandsmen.


If you were ever a member of the band and we have lost track of you, we would love to rectify the situation. We are currently maintaining electronic mail discussion lists for our members, as well as producing a tri-annual newsletter, "The Fugawe." Please let us know how to contact you.

The Alumni Band can be reached via the Cal Aggie Alumni Association.

Contact CAAA:

  • Regular US Mail:
    • Cal Aggie Alumni Marching Band
      c/o Cal Aggie Alumni Association
      University of California
      One Shields Avenue
      Davis, CA 95616
  • 1-800-242-GRAD
  • 1-530-752-0286
  • Cal Aggie Alumni Marching Band President: James Barrett
  • CAAA Associate Executive Director and Chief Programs Officer: Jane Eadie 530-752-5904