Campus Recreation and Unions is a student-centered organization. Not only do student employees gain skills to strengthen their resumes, but they find leadership experiences and professional development opportunities. Working closely with professional staff, student employees gain valuable work experience to prepare them for their professional career paths. For more information about current employment opportunities, call Campus Recreation and Unions at 530-752-1730 or visit Aggie Job Link to view current postings.

Campus Recreation and Unions Student Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) Games Area
Administrative and Business Services Information Technology
Aquatics Intramural Sports
Building Services Marketing
Business Center Memorial Union
California Aggie Marching Band Mobility Assistance Shuttle
Craft Center Outdoor Adventures
Equestrian Center Sport Clubs
Fitness and Wellness Youth Programs
Event Services

Current Opportunities

For current job opportunities, contact the individual unit you are interested in and ask about available positions.

All Student Positions in the Department of Campus Recreation and Unions

Activities and Recreation Center (ARC)

  • Contact:
  • Student positions at the ARC:
    • Member Services Attendant
    • Member Services Lead
    • ARC Building Supervisor

Administrative and Business Services

  • Contact at Administrative Services:
  • Contact at Business Services:
  • Student positions within Administrative and Business Services:
    • Office Assistant
    • Receptionist/Front Desk


Building Services

  • Contact at Building Services:
  • Student positions within Building Services:
    • Office Staff
    • Building Operations Staff

Business Center

  • Contact:
  • Student positions at the Business Center:
    • Cashier/Passport Acceptance Agent
    • Business Center Student Manager

California Aggie Marching Band

  • Officer (volunteer)

Craft Center

Equestrian Center

  • Contact:
  • Student positions at the Equestrian Center:
    • Stall Cleaner
    • Barn Supervisor
    • Facility Attendant
    • Lesson Instructor
    • Head Lesson Instructor
    • Head Barn Supervisor
    • Vet Student

Event Services

  • ARC/Pavilion
    • Contact:
    • Student positions within Events Services at the ARC/Pavilion:
      • Event Staff
      • Pavilion Technical Assistant
      • Event Technical Staff Supervisor
  • Memorial Union, Gunrock Pub and Lodges
    • Contact:
    • Student positions within Events Services at the Memorial Union, Gunrock Pub and Lodges:
      • Student Manager
      • Front Desk
      • Event Staff
  • Student Community Center
    • Contact:
    • Student positions within Events Services at the Student Community Center:
      • Event Staff
      • SCC Building Supervisor
  • UC Davis Conference Center
    • Contact:
    • Student positions within Events Services at the UC Davis Conference Center:
      • Event Staff

Fitness and Wellness

  • Contact:
  • Student positions within Fitness and Wellness:
    • Fitness and Wellness Center Attendant
    • Studio Monitor
    • Dance Instructor
    • Group Exercise Instructor
    • Martial Arts Instructor
    • Mind-Body Instructor
    • Personal Trainer
    • Student Manager

Games Area

  • The Games Area is currently closed and is scheduled to be reopened during fall 2016. Please check back at that time for available positions.

Information Technology

  • IT Student Assistant

Intramural Sports

  • Maintenance
  • Manager
  • Official (Referee)
  • Recorder
  • Supervisor


  • Contact:
  • Student positions within Marketing:
    • Photographer
    • Graphic Designer
    • Project Management Assistant
    • Marketing Assistant
    • Marketing Student Manager
    • Marketing Editor
    • Graphic Design Student Manager

Memorial Union

  • Contact at the Memorial Union:
  • Student positions at the Memorial Union:
    • Guest Services Attendant
    • MU Building Supervisor

Mobility Assistance Shuttle

  • Contact:
  • Student positions at the Mobility Assistance Shuttle:
    • Mobility Assistant
    • Mobility Assistant Lead

Outdoor Adventures

  • Contact:
  • Student positions at Outdoor Adventures:
    • Rental Center Staff
    • Rental Center Student Manager
    • Equipment Student Manager
    • Instructor/Guide
    • Water Sports Student Manager
    • Wilderness Student Manager
    • Climbing Wall Supervisor
    • Climbing Wall Assistant Manager
    • Climbing Wall Manager

Sport Clubs

  • Contact at Sports Clubs:
    • Mike Dominguez
      • 530-752-5004
  • Student positions within Sports Clubs:
    • Manager
    • Supervisor

Youth Programs

  • Contact:
  • Student positions within Youth Programs:
    • Student Manager
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Receptionist
    • Instructor
    • Lead Instructor
    • Counselor
    • Lead Counselor
    • Swim Instructor
    • Lead Swim Instructor