When do the new class schedules come out?

The schedule for next quarter's class offerings will be published by the 7th week of the current quarter.

How do I get studio access?

If you have prior experience in a specific studio you do not have to take a Craft Center class to access that studio. You can sign up and complete an orientation after which you will be cleared to use that studio. Please note that studio orientations are meant for people who are experienced in that studio and they do not replace previous experience or proper instruction. Studio orientations can be scheduled by coming into the Craft Center and filling out a short form with contact information.

Both the Wood and Welding studios have qualifications instead of orientations. To participate in a qualification you must register for it. Our qualification dates are published with the class listings. If you want to participate in a qualification please sign up for it as we do not accept walk ins for our qualifications.

Why are there two prices listed?

Price A is for students and those with a Campus Rec (CR) membership. Price B is for community members without a CR membership.

How do I get a permission code?

Permission codes are for classes that have a prerequisite. To get the permission code please call us at 530-752-1475.

When do ceramic firings occur?

Bisc firings run continuously as need demands. Glaze firings average about one per week. Call 530-752-1475 to find out the glaze kiln status.

Can my child take classes?

The minimum age for Craft Center classes and studio access is 18-years-old. However, there are programming opportunities for people under the age of 18 through Youth Programs. Youth programs can be found here.