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Outdoor Adventures is proud to help bridge the gap between the classroom and the field. The graduate... (Source: Outdoor Facebook)
Grabbing a quick bite to eat. (Source: Equestrian Facebook)
Come welcome back the team, the band and the cheer teams! (Source: Youth Programs Facebook)
Ready for finals? If you're headed to the ARC during finals week or during break, take note of our u... (Source: ARC Facebook)
Enjoying a ride before finals next week. (Source: Equestrian Facebook)
The glaze kiln has been unloaded. Come pick up your pieces before we close for Spring Break! Our las... (Source: Craft Center Facebook)
Ready to ride? Registration is open for the lesson series starting April 10th. (Source: Equestrian Facebook)
The last glaze firing of the quarter is underway, pieces will be available to pick up Thursday after... (Source: Craft Center Facebook)
Summer registration starts at noon! (Source: Youth Programs Facebook)
Congratulations, Class of 2021! We can’t wait to meet our #New2UCDavis family members on campus in t... (Source: CRU Facebook)
Getting ready to lunge. (Source: Equestrian Facebook)
A student is taking advantage of this beautiful weather for a nice ride. (Source: Equestrian Facebook)
Ceramic glaze kiln is firing now and will unload this Friday. We will load the kiln right back up fo... (Source: Craft Center Facebook)
Get out and go sea kayaking before the stress of finals arrive! We only have a few spots left for ou... (Source: Outdoor Facebook)
Spring Registration begins April 3 at 12:30 pm. (Source: Craft Center Facebook)
The deadline for this year's Spikeball Tournament is tomorrow, March 7! See more details and regist... (Source: IM Sports Facebook)
Register for this year's Spikeball Tournament before the March 7 deadline! See more details and reg... (Source: CRU Facebook)
The 2017 Youth Guide is now online! Click the link to explore all of our Spring and Summer offerings... (Source: Youth Programs Facebook)
Spring trips are now online and open for registration! Click on the link to find all the trips that ... (Source: Outdoor Facebook)
Missed our post about the Grand Canyon?! We still have spots available for this amazing camping oppo... (Source: Outdoor Facebook)
Ceramic glaze firing is underway. Pieces will be available for pickup this Friday. (Source: Craft Center Facebook)
Try out Body Composition Testing, offered tomorrow, March 1, at the Fitness and Wellness Center for ... (Source: ARC Facebook)
This week, we are participating in Celebrate Your Body Week. Feel free to take a look at some of th... (Source: ARC Facebook)
The last day to enter the Bench Press Competition is tomorrow! See details at https://cru.ucdavis.ed... (Source: ARC Facebook)
Registration for this year's Spikeball Tournament opens tomorrow, February 27! See more details and... (Source: IM Sports Facebook)
The deadline to register for the Dodgeball Palooza is tomorrow, February 27! See more details and r... (Source: IM Sports Facebook)
Are you eating properly for your lifestyle or your level of physical activity? If you're not sure, t... (Source: ARC Facebook)
Register for this year's Dodgeball Palooza before the deadline! See more details and register at ht... (Source: CRU Facebook)
Therapy Fluffies are back! Visit the library next Friday, March 3, to destress and make some furry f... (Source: CRU Facebook)
Campus Recreation and Unions would like to express our sincere gratitude to our hard working staff. ... (Source: CRU Facebook)
The deadline to register for the Pickleball Tournament is tomorrow, February 21! This year feature... (Source: IM Sports Facebook)
Hoping to have some fun weekends before the quarter ends? Sign up for a Day Hike! See http://ow.ly/u... (Source: Outdoor Facebook)
Registration for the Dodgeball Palooza opens tomorrow, February 20! This year features both 6v6 and... (Source: IM Sports Facebook)
Check out this free event tomorrow, February 18, 2017. (Source: Youth Programs Facebook)
Need UC Davis clothing? This sale is happening on Friday, February 3! (Source: Games Area Facebook)
Our little city is 100 years old. The Games Area will reopen before it turns 101 - we promise! (Source: Games Area Facebook)
Are you a UC Davis student debating between an internship and a job at camp this summer (such as You... (Source: Youth Programs Facebook)
A bit of good luck for tomorrow, Friday the 13th, at all UC Davis Stores and UCDavisStores.com! (Source: Games Area Facebook)
Youth Programs is hiring Bowling Camp counselors for the upcoming summer season, June 19-August 18, ... (Source: Games Area Facebook)
Need stuff for school? (Source: Games Area Facebook)
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