Academic Use of the MAC

The MAC will be closed to open recreation during specified daytime hours. Following the indefinite closure of Freeborn Hall in June 2014, the classes that would have been held there during the academic year will now be held in the MAC. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your understanding and support as we work to support the university’s academic needs.

The MAC will be closed for academic use on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from opening until 7 p.m. It will still be available for recreational use all day Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and after 7 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. To view MAC availability, including times it will be closed for classes or in use for specific recreation activities, please see the calendar found here.

Sometimes it's fun to do your own thing, on your own schedule. Campus Recreation and Unions' Open Recreation (Open Rec) program offers a range of recreational opportunities for you to participate in, either on your own or with friends. From working on your jump shot to practicing your dance steps, to trying out the climbing wall (extra fee) or playing racquetball with a friend, Open Recreation at the ARC makes it easy for you to keep fit, relax, and have fun.

Note: the online schedule is only accurate for the current week.

Location Activity Schedule
Dance Studio Dance, Reserve for practice space. Calendar
Distributive Cardio and Weight Exercise machines located throughout the ARC N/A
Fitness Center Cardio Machines, Free Weights, Machine Weights N/A
Functional Space Small Group Training, Group Exercise Calendar
Group Cycling Studio Group Exercise Cycling Classes N/A
Group Exercise Studio Group Exercise Classes N/A
Indoor Climbing Wall Indoor Climbing N/A
Indoor Track Running, Walking N/A
Martial Arts Studio Martial Arts, Punching Bag Calendar
Main Gym Court 1: Open Recreation N/A
Court 2: Basketball, Volleyball Calendar
Court 3: Basketball, Volleyball Calendar
Court 4: Basketball, Volleyball Calendar
Multi-Use Activity Court (MAC) Badminton, Indoor Hockey, Volleyball, Indoor Soccer, Basketball Calendar
Pavilion UL West North End: Open Rec Calendar
UL West Middle: Open Rec Calendar
UL West South End: Open Rec Calendar
UL East North End: Badminton, Dance, Open Rec Calendar
UL East Middle: Badminton, Dance, Open Rec, Volleyball Calendar
UL East South End: Badminton, Dance, Open Rec, Volleyball Calendar
UL South End: Table Tennis Calendar
UL North End: Open Rec Calendar

Upper Level Pavilion Open Rec Badminton/Volleyball

Designated spaces for badminton and volleyball are set up within the ARC, and available times can be viewed on the ARC Google calendars. When these spaces are impacted within the ARC, and space is available within the Pavilion (UL East South End or UL East Middle), we will attempt to accommodate requests for these activities in the Pavilion. Requests need to be made at least one hour in advance of the time that a patron would like to participate in an activity, as the standard setup in these locations is for Open Rec and not a specific activity. Please call 530-754-5306 at least one hour in advance of your preferred time to participate to speak to a staff member and ensure that badminton or volleyball can be set up.

Policies and Procedures

Registered Student Organizations (Performance Groups) are defined as organized practices participated in by members of various student organizations. Registered Student Organizations (Performance Groups) will have the ability to reserve space within the ARC Dance Studio, Pavilion Upper levels Northeast, Southeast & Southwest from Opening – Closing, Monday through Sunday during the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Academic Quarters. Each Registered Student Organization (Performance Groups) will have the ability to reserve the ARC Dance Studio or designated areas in the Pavilion Upper Levels for a period of two hours twice a week (total of 4 hours per week). Before any reservation requests can be submitted by either the direct or secondary contact for the student organization, all necessary paperwork will need to be completed through the Center for Student Involvement (CSI). Verification on the status of each organization will be confirmed before reservations requests will be processed.

Registration Deadlines for Reserving Space within the ARC Complex

In order for program directors to reserve an area within the Activities and Recreation Center Complex & Pavilion, the Facility Request form must be filled out and e-mailed to  Once receiving confirmation form ARC administration, student groups will receive a report stating all times they have reserved.  This report should be kept with them in case of any conflict.  Students may use personal radios in spaces.  No storage space will be available.  Reservations may be cancelled due to special events taking place in the Pavilion.  Groups will be notified when such cancellations occur.

Term of Activity     Accepting Requests
Fall Quarter September 1
Winter Quarter December 1
Spring Quarter March 1
Summer Quarter June 1