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Facility Availability

**All fields are closed November 13-14 due to poor air quality.**

Facility Status
A Street Field Closed
Aggie Stadium Club Practice Only
Dairy Outdoor Recreation Complex

Closed (Dairy Schedule can be accessed here: Dairy East and Dairy West)

Howard Field Closed
Hutchison Field Closed
Mayra Welch Tennis Center Open
Russell Field Closed
Schaal Aquatics Center Closed

Indoor Facilities

Activities & Recreation Center (ARC) Hickey Pool
Aggie Stadium Pavilion
Hickey Gym Schaal Aquatics Center


A Street Field Hutchison Field
Dairy Outdoor Recreation Complex Russell Field
Howard Field


Dairy Basketball Courts (Open use during ARC hours; lights will be on from sunset until ARC closing hours)
Mayra Welch Tennis Center


Playing sites are often reserved for various Rec Sports or Sport Clubs activities. To reserve one of these locations or find out the current schedule, please contact Conference and Events Services at 530-747-3830